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Trub in the secondary fermenter


Walter Avalon • Diamond Bar, California asks,

I moved away from the use of the glass carboys and moved to a conical fermenter. I have brewed good beer with glass, but now with the conical fermenter, I’m not sure exactly what to do. For instance, I would normally rack my beer to the second fermenter and begin to lager the beer. Now with the conical fermenter, I do the same thing but instead of racking the beer into a secondary carboy I dump the yeast and keep it in the same conical fermenter. In the past when I used the glass carboys, I would transfer my beer into a keg and have great beer. Now when I transfer my beer from the conical fermenter to a keg, there is a lot of sediment at the bottom of the conical fermenter (that I did not have with the glass carboys). Will this remaining yeast and trub at the bottom of the fermenter have a significant effect on the flavor and clarity on my beer, or do I have to do a second dump of this remaining yeast mid way through the lagering of my beer? Or . . . is this stuff at the bottom of the fermenter important in order to condition my beer?

Most small cylindroconical tanks have two ports on the bottom; one on the side of the cone and one on the bottom. The upper port is used to rack beer out of
Response by Ashton Lewis.