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Tuning In to Water Profiles


Russell Willden — Aurora, Colorado asks,

Most water calculators I have used are based on water profiles of the cities where different beer styles are brewed. Wouldn’t it be a better way to show the water profiles of the beer styles instead of the city water? When I am figuring out which water to use for my beer brewing I get kind of confused as to which ones to use. For example, I would like to see which water profile would be used for a brown ale, which one for a red ale, and the water profile for a stout. We already have that for the OG, IBU, and ABV when we pick a style of beer so why not take it further to show the water profile of each style in the water calculator. Am I missing something here?

I have never written extensively about brewing water profiles and cannot knowingly comment about why this topic is usually addressed by reviewing the water profiles of historically important brewing centers. But I
Response by Ashton Lewis.