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The Nano segment of craft brewing is growing fast with the majority of new breweries opening up falling into this small-scale, hyper-local segment working on brewing systems five barrels or under. Each month on this podcast learn the business, marketing, and brewing strategies targeted for this smaller-scale sized brewery needs. From strategies to maximizing taproom sales to forecasting brewery budgets to brewing great beer in small spaces, you’ll learn from craft beer experts and fellow Nano brewers the tips and strategies for success to improve – or launch – your small brewery. New episodes will be added to this page each month in addition to all major podcast platforms. Please email any questions, thoughts, and feedback on the BYO Nano Podcast to You can use the player provided here to listen to episodes or subscribe to this show through a variety of popular podcast platforms linked just below. Cheers!

Episode 19: Hiring Brewery Staff, Focused Charitable Giving, and Preparing for Business Interruptions

Get insights for your nano brewery on hiring, focusing charitable giving and preparing for natural disasters. Brewery owners Alison Wisneski and Matt Humbard share their expertise to help your small brewery survive. 

Host John Holl starts off by talking with Alison Wisneski, the head of marketing, among other things, at Lady Justice Brewing in Colorado. She has insights into hiring best practices for nano breweries, and what they have found works for their brewery, as well as how to focus charitable giving so that it means something to your small business. 

Then, he talks with Matt Humbard of Patent Brewing in Maryland, a nano-brewery in planning which is currently offering lab services to small breweries. At his day job he has been part of the government response to combat COVID-19. As such Holl wanted to talk with him about disaster preparedness, how to get ready for a pandemic, someone being sick, or the next natural disaster. 

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