Writer: Audra Gaiziunas

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Self-Auditing Your Brewery


Craft beer has reached a reflection point. Financial wiz Audra Gaiziunas is here to sit down with nanobrewers to make sure they’re doing a proper job in the bookkeeping department.

Key Performance Indicators


Too many breweries find out the hard way they’re not properly tracking their true profits and losses. Using key performance indicators, or KPIs, is one way to do so. Learn how to calculate them and which ones you should be looking at.

Marketing Spend: How to plan and budget for your nano


Whether a startup or established nanobrewery, developing a realistic and well thought-out marketing plan and budget is crucial to your brewery’s longevity and success.

Brewery Cash Flow Management: Honing in on investing and financing


Audra Gaiziunas is back to equip breweries with the accounting skills needed to manage their cash flow over the long term. More precisely, she looks at the financing and investing sections of a brewery’s cash flow statement.

Cash Is King: Mastering your cash flow statements


Cash is king in the small-scale brewing world. Learn from accounting wiz Audra Gaiziunas about the major differences between a brewery’s cash flow statement and their income statement. It could make or break a nanobrewery.

A Better Business Framework: Thinking strategically about your nano


Find out how to create a business framework with feedback loops to help ensure that each facet of your brewery operates smoothly and is capable of learning from its mistakes.

Root Out Deficiencies


Nanobrewers often fall into the trap of improper business planning and execution. Take a look at some recommendations from a coach who has helped dozens of nanobreweries clean up their financial act.

Rebel Yell: Keep your brewery scintillating


From an early age, rebellion seemed to run through my veins. I was never the girly girl who dressed in frills and pink, hosted stuffed animal tea parties, and daydreamed about her

Crunching the COGS: When it’s not a hobby anymore


For those who are brewing their beer commercially, or planning to, finding their cost of goods sold (COGS) can feel like a monumental task. Beer numbers guru Audra Gaiziunas helps us crunch the COGS for brewers.

9 result(s) found.