Writer: Larry Lesterud

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Choosing Hops

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Hops occupy an exalted place among the building blocks that make a great beer. There’s something special about an ingredient that can make a beer bitter and give it a delicate aroma, too. Every brew with a new or unfamiliar hop variety becomes an experience made special by aromas sweet, pungent, floral, perfumy, or citrusy.

How to Choose the Best Yeast


As brewers we take great consideration in selecting the ingredients we use for our recipes, because it is the recipe that defines the beer we make. Developing the recipe and deciding which

Keeping Your Yeast Healthy

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As a professional brewer I am often asked for homebrewing advice or to sample and critique homebrewers’ wares. Most often I am quite impressed with the talents of our local homebrewers and find the quality of their beers comparable to commercial examples. Every once in a while I taste one that has gone awry, and

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