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Wort Aeration Temperature For Kveik Yeast


Dirk Kissing — Almelo, Netherlands asks,

John Palmer states in his book How to Brew “You should not aerate when the wort is hot, or even warm. Aeration of hot wort will cause the oxygen to chemically bind to various wort compounds. Over time, these compounds will break down, freeing atomic oxygen back into the beer where it can oxidize the alcohols and hop compounds producing off-flavors and aromas like wet cardboard or sherry-like flavors. The generally accepted temperature cutoff for preventing hot wort oxidation is 80 °F (27 °F).”

Since I’m using kveik yeast (Voss) that has an optimum pitch temperature of 102 °F/39 °C I’m a bit worried. Am I risking hot wort oxidation at that temperature?

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