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Artificial or Intelligent?


Artificial intelligence is all around us. We use its recommendations when shopping and selecting shows to binge, rely on its answers to questions and to filter out spam emails. Why not use it to help in our homebrewing hobby? A technologist shares his experiences exploring the applications and potential of AI-assisted homebrewing that may be of service to beginners and longtime brewers alike.

Developing a Brewing Calculator


I also consider developing my own calculation tools a key part of my hobby and, previously, part of my job as a commercial brewer. I have a pretty handy collection of calculations

Electric Countertop Brew Systems


There has been tremendous growth in the popularity of electric all-in-one countertop homebrew systems in recent years. With more than 20 systems now available, we thought it was time to put together a comparison of the features each has to make choosing a system easier for those in the market.

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