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Easy-Drinking Fermented Beverages


Want to try a new type of fermentation? Here are three easy-drinking, low-ABV beverages that are perfect for the warming weather: Tepache, ginger beer, and kefir soda. They each rely on Lactobacillus and can be made with little effort and equipment.

Rice, Rice, Baby


Craft sake producers have helped grow the popularity of the ancient Japanese rice beverage across North America in recent years. Making this unique beverage is a really fun project homebrewers can embrace. Learn the basic ingredients and steps to make sake at home.

Gluten Reducing: Taking control of this protein


Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are two related but distinct conditions. Beer fans in one of these camps need to take special precautions when looking to enjoy a cold one. Get some help for brewing a gluten-reduced beer.

Hold the Gluten


There is more to brewing gluten-free beer than substituting the gluten-containing grains with ones that don’t contain gluten. Explore the gluten-free brewing techniques and three recipes that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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