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Ice, Ice Cider

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I had my first encounter with ice cider in a seminar at the 2014 Homebrew Con and made my first batch that fall. At the time, there wasn’t much information about it in the homebrewing world and I could only find one commercial example locally. Today I am consistently judging excellent examples in competitions and local

Ice Cider

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Ice Cider (2 gallons/8 L)OG = 1.144  FG = 1.061ABV = 10.9% Ingredients10 gallons (38 L) fresh-pressed, unpasteurized apple cider 7.5 grams Go-Ferm6 grams Fermaid O6 grams Lalvin 71B yeastSulfite Step by StepPour the juice into a sanitized bucket or carboy and freeze until the juice is completely frozen solid. Once frozen, move the juice to

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