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2021 Homebrew Father’s Day Gift Guide


Nothing says “I love you” to a homebrewer quite like a homebrew-related gift. Say so this Father’s Day with the help of our Gift Guide.

Wine Barrel Table: Give an old barrel a new life


If you ever come across a discarded barrel . . . here is a great use for it. Get step by step instructions to build a table from a used wine barrel.

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2020 Homebrew Father’s Day Gift Guide


Reminder time . . . Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day. What better way to honor your favorite man, father, husband, partner, or friend than with one of these fine homebrewing products. Nothing says “I Love You” to a homebrewer quite like a gift of a fine new piece of equipment or beer-related goodie. And if you are the dad looking for homebrew gifts, try leaving
these pages open with a big circle around the items you want. Don’t leave them guessing — unless you want another World’s Best Dad coffee mug.

2020 Homebrewer’s Holiday Gift Guide


This Holiday Season give the gift of beer! Check out all the great beer gear in the following section for some great gift ideas for friends & family or make your own holiday wishlist…we present to you the 2020 Brew Your Own Holiday Gift Guide.

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