Writer: Richard Curtin

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Craft Dream: Brewing the First Beer

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This is the final installment of a
three-part series on homebrewer Michael Bryant’s effort to open a microbrewery in Dunedin, Fla.

Craft Dream: The Equipment Arrives!

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In reflective moments, when he’s not occupied negotiating with contractors, filling out government forms, installing equipment, or performing any of a thousand other tasks required to put his new microbrewery on line, Michael Bryant shakes his head about the project and calls it “crazy.” “If I had done more investigation before I got my mind

Craft Dream: A Homebrewer’s Story

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Michael Bryant first experimented with fermentation at age 13, when he discovered a recipe for orange wine in his mother’s Old Mr. Boston drink guide. He followed the directions, bottled the mixture in glass jars, and hid them in the basement. The result looked so bad that he never even tasted it. “I looked at

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