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Irish Red Ales vs Oktoberfest

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I wish I could travel to a different place in time when beer styles were truly tied to geographical regions, a time before globalization of brewing techniques and brewing ingredients. Based on what I know and what I have read about brewing, the concept of beer style often has much more to do with differentiating

What’s the usefulness of beer foam?

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really like beer foam — in fact, I’m kind of obsessive when it comes to beer foam. Any argument about foam is positive in my book, so you shouldn’t feel like an idiot. In a controlled environment, you could probably demonstrate an insulating effect at the surface of beer. But in the hand of the

The Big Stink

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Tasting a new brew is like solving a mystery. Color relates to grist bill and then to flavor. Foam and bubble formation are the product of carbonation. Aroma is a function of almost everything: malt, hops, yeast, fermentation, aeration, aging, contamination and yeast strain. The time between the first whiff and the first sip is

Practice with Your Palate

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If you want to brew better beer, you should learn to identify its myriad flavors, aromas, and sensations. So crack open a bottle, take a sip, and let the tasting lesson begin.

The 5-Sense Beer Test

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It’s more than a sense of taste. You use all five of your senses to evaluate a beer. Refining your technique can provide more enjoyment and help you make your own beer better.

Evaluating Beer Flavor: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  David Berg Brewery:  Water Tower Brewing Co., Eden Prairie, Minn. Years of experience: 1.5 Education: American Brewers Guild House Beers: Eden Mill Gold, Pappy’s Brown Porter, Old Tower Amber, Flying Horse Pale Ale, Pergatory Creek Stout Each of your senses affects the others, so the order in which you evaluate beer is important. Use a concave

Oh That Smell! Beer Off-Aromas

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The first sip of a new batch of homebrew is one of the many joys of brewing. It can be devastating when that experience is tainted with an unpleasant sensory jolt. “What is that?” your taste buds wonder. There’s something off about your beer. It doesn’t have to be a complete waste, though. Knowing what

Use Your Common Senses

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Fine-tune your beer by learning to evaluate it objectively.

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