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Easy Lagers


Most brewers would regard lagers as more difficult to brew than ales, but there are some tricks to simplify the process.

Tweaking Recipes: Tips from the Pros

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A sign of a great brewer is that they are never content with a recipe. Three pros striving for excellence share their tips for tweaking recipes and brewing one-offs.

Continual Improvements


After a recipe is first conceptualized and then brewed is when the toughest work begins in perfecting that recipe. It (usually) doesn’t go from good to great on a second brew, but instead requires small tweaks from batch-to-batch. By changing one facet of a recipe each time it is brewed, that change can be analyzed, criticized, and lead to continual improvements.

Myth Busting

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Half truths, misunderstood principles, untested theories, and wild guesses often become taken as facts when repeated enough times. You’ll find them on brewing message boards, in literature, and in conversation.
That doesn’t make them true. Let’s bust these myths.

Calibrating Brewing Scales

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Join Brew Your Own’s Technical Editor Ashton Lewis as he shows you how to properly calibrate your scale for accurate beer ingredient measurements. Your numbers are only good if they are right so make sure your scale is calibrated regularly.

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Equipment Calibration: Tuning up your gear

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What good is a thermometer if it is telling you the wrong information? Make sure you can trust your equipment by keeping it calibrated.

Keys To Brewing A Great Weizen

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I also love hefeweizens and enjoy brewing and drinking weizen beers! Weizen is definitely a yeast-driven style, where fermentation products really define the flavor profile. Let’s set yeast aside for a moment and touch on a few other components of this wonderful style. A great weizen should have a creamy, stable foam, a slightly chewy

Better Together: Club Barrel Shares

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Maintaining a homebrew barrel program can be a lot of fun, but it is difficult by yourself if you want to use a full-size barrel. These are the perfect sizes for homebrew clubs, however. A New Jersey club shares how it successfully operates a two-barrel program for its members.

Brewing with the Wizard


Ashton Lewis has been giving homebrewers advice about brewing on their own systems for 26 years in the “Help Me, Mr. Wizard” column. Now, he lets readers in on the thought process behind his own newly designed homebrewing system where simplicity meets creativity.

More Quick Tips: Making brew day and beyond efficient

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Anyone who has brewed more than a few batches of beer will often fall into certain routines, but not all of them are practical. Here are some more “quick tips” to make sure that you are maximizing your brew day experience.

Brewing Session Beers: Tips from the Pros

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Two pros share their advice regarding recipe design and brewing techniques for achieving beers that are low in alcohol but high in flavor.

Quick Pre-Brew Tips: Collective advice from fellow brewers

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We can learn so much from brewing with others. Denny and Drew pulled together some groupthink tips from fellow brewers and from their own experiences.

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