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Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery

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Craft beer lovers in the Massillon, Ohio, area scored big when corporate America let go the Founder and Owner of Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery. Learn about the brewery’s rise and one of its iconic beers, Neighbor Girl Tripel.

From Bootlegging to Bootstrapping: Prairie Artisan Ales

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Prairie Artisan Ales is steeped in local tradition but has also been leading the charge in pushing the limits of beer. Known for their high-ABV imperial stouts and exceptionally drinkable sour ales, Prairie has done it their own way since the start. Learn the history of Oklahoma’s largest brewery. Plus: 5 Prairie clone recipes.

Blue Stallion Brewing Co.

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Craft-brewed lagers have seen their popularity rise over the last few years in the U.S. and Lexington, Kentucky’s Blue Stallion Brewing Co. has been one to help raise that bar. Learn about their admired Munich dunkel.

Dovetail Brewery

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Located within walking distance of Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois’ North Side, Dovetail Brewery has carved out a niche. Learn about its history and its coveted Vienna-Style Lager.

Titletown Brewing Company

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, is most well known for its American football team, but another reason to visit is one of its local breweries. Learn about Titletown Brewing and its legendary Green 19 IPA.

New Realm Brewing Co.

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London porter was first referenced in writing 300 years ago and a well-brewed rendition is a timeless classic. Enter New Realm Brewing and their current take on this treasured style.

7venth Sun Brewery

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The Replicator travels to the Sunshine State to get some intel on a saison brewed by one of Dunedin, Florida’s oldest craft breweries. With a subtle spice character and quick turnaround time, this is a great summer sipper.

Fair Isle Brewing

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A brewery that eschews IPAs in the modern craft beer world is seemingly a rare commodity. Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit a farmhouse-style focused brewery that does exactly that.

What’s Brewing at the Local Homebrew Shop


Homebrew shops and craft breweries are two of our favorite places to hang out, explore what’s new, and talk to like-minded people. But what if the two could be combined? Turns out, there are a handful of homebrew shops that also operate craft breweries. We explore four of these unique hybrid models and share a clone recipe from each.

Saddle Mountain Brewing Co.

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Most Replicator requests come from folks who were wowed by a beer or a long-time fan of the brewery. But this request came from someone who noticed an Arizona brewery that has dominated the Scottish ale category in a national competition. Learn about Saddle Mountain Brewing Co.

Behemoth Brewing Co.

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The Replicator heads to the land of the haka and All Blacks rugby to get a recipe for a beer exploding with chocolate flavors from Auckland, New Zealand’s renowned Behemoth Brewing Co.

Bell’s Brewery

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It’s winter warmer season and Bell’s Brewery put out a one-off last year called Song of the Open Road. One reader considered it the best winter warmer he’s ever tasted. The Replicator talked to Bell’s about crafting a rendition at home.

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