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Brown Ale

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Brown ale originated in London and probably evolved from porter at a time when consumers demanded a less hoppy brew at a more affordable price. Today many view brown ale as the bottled version of mild, the low-alcohol draft beer still popular in the midlands of England. Southern brown ale, while darker and sweeter than

Homebrew Science Experiments

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A lone figure stands above the steaming kettle. A sample of the malty liquid is carefully drawn off, cooled, and then poured into a graduated cylinder. He drops a glass hydrometer slowly into the murky mixture. He nods his head and smirks as he records a precise measurement. “At last,” he says, curling his fingers

Troubleshooting a Stuck Sparge

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The flow of the sweet wort slows to a trickle and the start of the boil is pushed later and later into the day. When night falls, all your friends leave you high and dry with a stuck sparge and an empty soda keg. Such is the sad tale of the brewer whose run-off has

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