Writer: Geoff Parkins

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Between Pitch and Pint: Advanced fermenter/dispenser automation


Automation is a fun side hobby for many brewers, but it is not just for the brewhouse. Get some high-level ideas and info on the components available for automating your cellar.

Propane vs. Electric: What are the considerations?


With the rising popularity of brewing with electric power, the homebrewing world has seen new options abound. In many cases though, propane may still be a brewer’s best option. Learn the pros and cons of each heating method.

DIY Electric Brewing


The benefits of electric brewing are plenty, but there is also a steep learning curve if you plan to build your own electric system. Before you jump into your next big DIY, take the time to plan everything out using our advice. The time (and money) you save from doing it correctly the first time will pay off!

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