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10 Good Brewing Questions, Answers Included

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How Long Should Beer Ferment?   This is the most common question of all, and many homebrewers are confused by books and recipes that give definite times for fermentation. There are too many variables to say that a batch of beer will ferment for only three days or for exactly seven days. Beer usually doesn’t

The Art of Recipe Design

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It’s the Great Divide: classical vs. romantic, yin and yang, two radically different ways of looking at the world. Yep, we’re talking about science and art as they apply to beer making. Is brewing a science, or is it an art? Well, obviously there’s a lot of both involved, and the scale of those two

Backyard Brewing

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  Ah, nature! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the beautiful outdoors is the place to be. Since homebrew is a natural beverage made from grain, hops, yeast, and water, why not make it outdoors where nature made the ingredients? Many homebrewers do their brewing outside. Some brewers choose the great outdoors

Conquer Chill Haze


All good chefs know that the appearance and presentation of food is just as important as the flavor. If a steak is an unappetizing shade of gray, it will seldom be appreciated,

Pump Up Your Extract Brewing Skills

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Why brew with malt extract? Because it’s great stuff! Tips on better brewing with today’s high-quality extracts.

Specialty Grains

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Brew a beer to almost any taste using specialty grains such as biscuit malt or special roast.

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