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Double Up: Two Brews in the Time of One

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Whether you want to save time, effort, or energy, this method checks all the boxes. Brew two 5-gallon (19-L) batches of beer from extract in two hours.

Extract Brewing Essentials

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As both a homebrewer and professional brewer at Phat Fish Brewing in Dickinson, North Dakota, I frequently get asked about the process of brewing beer, including how difficult it might be to get started brewing at home. I always do my best to give a complete yet concise answer that includes encouragement for them to

Brewing with Extract: Tips from the Pros

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Many homebrewers start the hobby brewing with malt extract and move into all-grain batches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages to brewing with extract or that great beer can’t be made from it. Two experts on the subject — one on the supply side and one a pro extract brewer — share their advice

Save Time with Partial Mashing

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As a homebrewer who has been brewing for more than 30 years, and spent the last nine years as the owner of a homebrew shop, I always smile when a fellow brewer says, “I am an extract brewer now, but I want to brew all-grain because I will be able to make a superior beer.”

Designing Extract-Based Recipes

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Extract-based recipes were at one time the most popular format of homebrew recipes. If you’re having trouble finding some basics of crafting your own extract-based recipe, we’ve got pointers.

Extract Yourself From All-Grain


The popularity of all-grain brewing has surged in recent years. In this column I’m going to step outside the norm for Beginner’s Block and talk more to the advanced brewers about simplifying

10 Summer Extract Recipes

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Summer is a time to brew lighter, more refreshing beers. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of styles that fit the bill. From 10 homebrew retailers, we share 10 easy-drinking and easy-to-brew summer beer recipes.

Brewing an Extract with Grains Beer

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This chapter builds on the basic brewing skills learned in chapter two “Brewing a No-Boil Extract Beer.” Here, you’ll learn how to use steeped grains, pellet hops and liquid yeast to modify a wort made from a malt extract base, opening up your horizons as a brewer. Brewing with specialty grains, your own choice of

Brewing a No-Boil Malt Extract Beer

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Some homebrewers may want to brew an easy-to-make beer during their first brewing session to build their confidence before trying more complicated brewing methods later. Others may want to take the simple approach and brew all their beers as quickly and easily as possible. In this chapter, we present the procedure and two recipes for

Wort Production (with malt extract)

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Wort made from reconstituted malt extract is dissimilar from wort made from mashing malted grains. Knowing the differences can guide you to making sound decisions regarding how to use it on brew day. The convenience of malt extract does not have to come at the price of beer quality if you know how to handle

Maximize Partial Boils

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If you are an extract brewer, there is a good chance you will hear (if you haven’t already) that you need to be doing full-wort boils (boiling your entire 5-gallon/19-L batch of beer). The recommendation isn’t bad — a full-wort boil is ideal as it results in a higher hop utilization, ensures all of the ingredients

17 Foolproof Extract Recipes

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We’ve assembled a collection of tried-and-true recipes from homebrew shops across the nation. These are the recipes that the shops’ customers love and keep coming back to. For best results, pay attention to the cleaning and sanitation of your equipment and the health of your yeast. (These recipes are foolproof, but no beer recipes are

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