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The Extract Equation


With a calculator and a little knowledge, you can convert any all-grain recipe to an all-extract version. Here’s how.

Using Specialty Grains and Extract: Tips from the Pros


Use specialty grains to improve your malt extract brew.

Don’t Boil It!


Here in the United States, conventional homebrewing wisdom holds that you should always boil prehopped extract beer kits. But does this help or hurt your beer? One expert offers some revolutionary advice: Follow the instructions on the kit!

How Malt Extract is Made


Beer is made from four ingredients: barley, hops, water, and yeast. Oh, yes, and some goopy stuff that looks like molasses and comes in a can. Or powdery stuff that looks like Ovaltine and, frankly, tastes a lot better.

6 Steps for Steeping Grains


“Malty.” Now just what could that mean? Beer tasters use the term all the time, but isn’t it a redundant term, like saying beer tastes beery? Barley malt provides the fuel for the yeast, but it also provides the heart of beer flavor. Weren’t you amazed at how great malt extract tasted when you first dipped your finger into it?


Winter Holiday Extract Recipes


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or some other variation of the mid-winter holidays, you are sure to find a common thread that is near and dear to the homebrewing heart:

Brewing a Pale Beer with Extract: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Don Gortemiller Brewery:  Pacific Coast Brewing Co., Oakland, Calif. Years of experience:  Nine Education:  BS in physiology from University of California, Berkeley House Beers: Gray Whale (pale ale), Blue Whale (strong,

Pump Up Your Extract Brewing Skills


Why brew with malt extract? Because it’s great stuff! Tips on better brewing with today’s high-quality extracts.

Better Beer with Extract Kits


So you’re a kit brewer, or perhaps you want to start brewing with kits. Maybe it’s your first brew or you’ve brewed several and are still getting things down before venturing into

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