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Tastes Great, Less Filling? Crafting low-carb beers


Ian Macoomb — Ottawa, Ontario asks,

My wife and I have been doing a low-carbohydrate diet (keto) for most a the year and it has been very successful. We've been buying Michelob Ultra and Sleeman Clear for the occasional beer because of the low carb factor. I've also been brewing some brut-ish beers using White Labs Ultra-Ferm to dry the beers out with some success. I had one beer sent to Oregion Brew Labs to determine the carb count and it came out at 3.7% and 3 grams of carbs. I've since discovered a beer by Bridge Brewing Co. in North Vancouver, British Columbia that claims 1.5 grams carbs and 5.0% ABV, and it actually tastes like a craft beer. They also have an IPA version in the taproom with similar numbers ( How do they get the carbs so low? I assume they must be doing a high gravity brew and diluting with water.

The keys to clearly understanding this topic are knowing about the types of starch present in a brewery mash and how malt enzymes act upon these large carbohydrates, appreciating how exogenous enzymes
Response by Ashton Lewis.