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When to worry about diacetyl


Michael Kesler • Milwaukee, Wisconsin asks,

Last week I brewed a German Alt using Wyeast 1007. It’s been fermenting at 58° F for 9 days now and it’s nearing the end of the primary. I will then transfer it into a keg and let it condition for about 8 weeks. My question deals with diacetyl.

Normally this is associated with lager strains, but I’m wondering if I have to worry about it with these special low temperature ale yeasts? Is diacetyl only associated with lagers or is the temperature more of a key facto

The real question at issue is not whether diacetyl is only associated with lagers, but rather if it is only unacceptable in lagers. Diacetyl is naturally found in all beers during fermentation
Response by Ashton Lewis.