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Troubleshooting A Recipe


Stephen Elliott — Lawtell, Louisiana asks,

When researching off-flavors I get nothing that relates to this flavor. I used three ounces (85 g) of Cascade hops at 4.4% alpha acids for bittering in a 45-minute extract boil, and two ounces (56 g) of East Kent Golding as aroma hops.'

I’m thinking maybe too much bittering hops. My beer is drinkable and when a side-by-side comparison is made with Shiner Bock and Negra Modelo, it is remarkably close in taste except for the upfront pith bitterness. It doesn’t last long; you taste it right away then it’s gone and doesn’t leave any aftertaste. Can you help me figure out where it comes from and what exactly it is?

Nice description of the character in your beer you don’t like. Before getting into an answer, I want to comment on how important good descriptions are when attempting to problem solve. Aromas
Response by Ashton Lewis.