Date: August 1999

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Father Knows Best: 5 American Lager Recipes

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Where would homebrewers be today if their Dads (or Moms) had drunk good beer? Most of them grew up in households in which the standard beer was just that, a standard beer: an American light or premium lager such as Bud, Miller, Coors, or Schlitz. Depending on how old you are, you may remember your

Getting Yeast From the Bottle

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Culturing yeast, high gravity brewing.

Gearing Up For The Winemaking Crush

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Gearing up for the crush. Reviewing production, equipment, sanitizing.

Taking Control of Specific Gravity

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Specific gravity affects many aspects of your homebrew, including its alcohol content, sweetness, and mouthfeel. Keep track of a few numbers while brewing to make the best beer possible.

Mission: Possible

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When touring a microbrewery, engage in a little reconnaissance to pump up — and speed up — your own system and technique.

The 5-Sense Beer Test

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It’s more than a sense of taste. You use all five of your senses to evaluate a beer. Refining your technique can provide more enjoyment and help you make your own beer better.

The Great Beer BBQ Cook-Off

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What better way to celebrate summer than with a four-course barbecue featuring great dishes cooked with beer.

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