Date: February 1996

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Calling Dr. Science

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Maybe you’ve heard this comparison: Each beer, to a passionate homebrewer, is like a child. The brewer has raised the beer from nothing. He’s nurtured it. He’s eagerly monitored its progress. And when it turns out well, he’s justifiably proud. Well, professional brewers sometimes feel that way, too. But a pro’s beers are less like

Steam Beer

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California’s gold rush left an amber legacy that you can brew and enjoy.

Revolutionary Brewing

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Imagine the scene: a dimly-lit, chilly tavern in 18th century Boston, Philadelphia, or perhaps New York. The fire is blazing, occasionally sending cascades of spark and flame rocketing onto the hearth, almost in unison with the fiery rhetoric of revolution being whispered in hushed tones in a dark corner of the room. Clouds of Virginia

What Makes a Style?

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Who Decides Whether Your Brew’s a Heavy Porter or a Light Stout? And Does It Matter?

Convert Your All-Grain Recipe to Extract

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go from extract to all-grain. Find a substitute for elusive hops or yeast. The do’s and don’ts of recipe conversions.

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