Date: May 2000

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Accounting for evaporation loss during an aggressive boil?


Recipes printed in BYO give the “original gravity” of the wort. This number refers to the specific gravity of the wort prior to fermentation-in other words, after the boil. Wort gravity increases

Can you step up yeast too much prior to pitching?


Although you had a giant mess on your hands with your excited fermentation, you may have added a normal amount of yeast. In my experience, small yeast packets do not contain enough

Habanero Stout


Perfect for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Tijuana, this dry, black stout will drive the snakes out of any place you want. Roasted barley goes well with hot peppers, if only you let it.

Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chile Beer clone


This recipe is an attempt to clone Cave Creek Chili Beer, which was originally brewed by Crazy Ed’s Black Mountain Brewing in Cave Creek, Arizona with a chili pepper placed in each bottle. This golden lager looks harmless enough (unless there’s a chili lurking in the bottle!) but if you’re not careful, that hot stuff will reach right out of the glass and tear your throat open!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Brewing with Chili Peppers


From jalapeno to habanero, how to make scorching chili beer at home.

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