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Lowdown on Lautering: Tips from the Pros


Three pros give the lowdown on lautering.

Easy Tips for Better Lautering


Imagine a 10-foot laurel hedge, fairly open and loose. Not carefully groomed. Then imagine a steady, soft breeze blowing a pallet of Styrofoam peanuts through it. If the breeze changes or stops,

A Practical Guide to Lautering


Considering how important it is to the brewing process, lautering doesn’t get much respect. Many brewers see it as simply the process of rinsing grains. They give it little thought, rush through

Effective Lautering: Tips from the Pros


Brewer:  Mikoli Weaver Education:  BS in food and science bio-chemistry from Universtiy of Washington; degree from Instituto di Cucina e Science, Tuscany To effectively lauter you need to effectively mash. Make sure

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