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More Gear for Beer

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Adding new equipment helps you make better beer, every time. Here’s a quick guide to the gadgets every homebrewer wants.

Easy Tips for Better Lautering

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Imagine a 10-foot laurel hedge, fairly open and loose. Not carefully groomed. Then imagine a steady, soft breeze blowing a pallet of Styrofoam peanuts through it. If the breeze changes or stops, a lot of the peanuts fall. If the wind suddenly gusts strongly, the peanuts go right through the hedge. If somebody drives a

The Sssssound of Beer

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One carbon atom, two oxygen atoms, born in a crossfire hurricane. At normal, room temperatures carbon dioxide is a heavy, colorless gas. It’s a common by-product of organic activity, not just in your fermenter but in your lungs, too. When that army of yeast cells in your carboy ferments sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide,

Adding Cost-Effective Equipment

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12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brewery

6 Steps for Steeping Grains


“Malty.” Now just what could that mean? Beer tasters use the term all the time, but isn’t it a redundant term, like saying beer tastes beery? Barley malt provides the fuel for the yeast, but it also provides the heart of beer flavor. Weren’t you amazed at how great malt extract tasted when you first dipped your finger into it?


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