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Wort Boiling & Hop Character


The bitterness in beer is developed by adding hops to boiling wort. Likewise, boiling hops adds hop flavor and aroma. The bitterness keeps the beer from being too sweet and the flavor

Step Mashing Techniques


Brewing is hard work — so why don’t you rest more often? Let us take you step by step through the process of step mashing.

Steeping vs. Partial Mashing


Some grains can be steeped. Others need to be mashed. Do you know the difference? You will after reading this grain guide for extract brewers.

Keg Your Beers!


There’s something great about draft beer. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of pulling a tap and filling your glass, or maybe it’s the way a keg filled with homebrew says “I’m serious about beer!” Either way, at some point most hobbyists start thinking about buying a draft system and kegging their brew. Here’s how to do it. Plus: a quick look at “mini-kegs” like the Party Pig and Tap-A-Draft.

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