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Beer-Wine Hybrids


Beer and wine hybrids are bridging the gap between breweries and wineries

Reusing Homebrew Yeast


As the popularity of homebrewing has grown over the last 20 to 25 years, so has the availability of quality brewing ingredients, especially yeast. Gone are the days when old school hobbyists

Great Tips from 4 Top Women Brewers


Darrah Bryans, Head Brewer Brew Moon Restaurant & Brewery, Cambridge, Mass. Four years homebrewing experience, six years professional experience House Beers: Moonlight Lager, Munich Gold, Alternative Ale, Prussia’s Pride, Planetary Porter Advice:

Mission: Possible


When touring a microbrewery, engage in a little reconnaissance to pump up — and speed up — your own system and technique.

Invasion of the Body Killers


The moment of truth has arrived. You hand your best buddy and toughest critic a pint of your latest brew. He raises the glass to his lips and sips. And says with

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