Writer: Tess & Mark Szamatulski

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Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale ’55 clone


Pennant is a well-crafted pale ale brewed as a tribute to Brooklyn’s world champion baseball team of 1955. (That would be the Dodgers, who actually beat the Yanks in that crosstown series.)

Pennant pours with a dense light-beige head that sits on a chestnut-colored beer. The aroma is complex and malty, with a hint of freshly baked bread. The full malt flavor is balanced with a clean hop background. English hops provide a moderate bitterness that complements the smooth mouthfeel. The aftertaste is dry with a hint of hops.

Celebration Beer


Something akin to the historic Burton ale, this Celebration Beer recipe has plenty of support from the hops to balance out the beer to provide a strong and complex, full-bodied beer.

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