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Oakshire Brewing Co.’s Doppelbock clone

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Doppelbock is one of our favorite brews to make each year. Ferment low and slow to ensure a very smooth and malt-forward beer that can withstand the high alcohol.

Oakshire Brewing Co.’s Tmavé Pivo clone

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Tmavé pivo is the overlying style of Czech dark lager. We use an extensive malt bill to add depth to the final beer while eliminating as much of the roast character as possible. Supremely drinkable and one of our favorites to make!

Oakshire Brewing Co.’s Doggerland Baltic Porter clone

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This recipe snagged a silver medal for Oakshire at the 2018 World Beer Cup.

Oakshire Brewing Co.’s Miel Mi Amor clone


A mix between Vienna and dunkel lagers, we incorporate polenta (coarse ground cornmeal) to build a crisp body, while using Mexican coffee honey for a touch of sweetness and flavor, while helping the body dry out during fermentation.

Bierkeller Columbia’s Kellerbier clone

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An unfiltered Franconian lager with a bready malt character that is balanced by soft carbonation and clean Perle hops.

Beppy’s Brown

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This simple brown ale recipe illustrates the differences between brewing all-grain batches and extract batches of beer with extract replacing one malt in the ingredients and different techniques to get your wort in the boil kettle.

Gordon Strong’s Saison

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I like my saisons like my cocktails, with some rye in them. In this case, I’m using some flaked rye but malted rye can be substituted.

Paradigm Shift Craft Brewery’s Neighbor Girl Tripel clone

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Continental Pilsner malt makes up the majority of the base with a few specialty malts for character. The secret ingredient to this 8.2% ABV, 3.7 SRM tripel is a heavy-handed addition of Belgian candi sugar.

Newcastle Brun Ale

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Newcastle Brun Ale (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.034  FG = 1.007  IBU = 18  SRM = 15  ABV = 3.6% Intrigued by a local landmark remembering a group of priests who fled to England and set up a brewpub during the French Revolution, a homebrewer tried to recreate the beer they may have served

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Vinyl clone

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A thick and chewy barrel-aged imperial stout with a high OG and FG, and tons of flavor.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Okie clone

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In a space between a brown ale and a barleywine, Okie packs a punch delivering flavors of sweet caramel and dark toast led by the nuanced character used in the barrel-aging process.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Bomb! clone

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Bomb! is the brewery’s adjunct-driven flagship, a 12% ABV imperial stout made with ancho chiles, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and coffee.

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