Beer Style: India Pale Ale (Specialty)

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I Don’t Want to Change the World

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I came up with this recipe with my brewing buddy Keith Bartlett to answer a long-standing question we’d both been wondering: How close to a New England IPA could you get using only British hops? It turns out, pretty close. This beer has all the juicy, tropical fruit flavors you’d expect, complemented by a subtle spicy note just to remind you where the hops are from.

Tips for Brewing Hazy Beers

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Hazy beers are all the craze. Brew Your Own Magazine’s Technical Editor Ashton Lewis walks through his favorite tips for brewing hazy beers.

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Star Gazer Hazy Double IPA


Star Gazer Hazy Double IPA (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.064  FG = 1.012IBU = 35  SRM = 4  ABV = 7% This hazy double IPA was formulated to showcase the minty and

Stone Brewing Co.’s Pataskala Red X IPA clone

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The key to replicating a beer of this nature is to use the freshest hops possible and, as always with hop-forward beers, minimizing oxygen uptake during dry-hopping, transferring, and packaging processes.

Lupulin Brewing Co.’s Sophistry 06 clone

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Lupulin Brewing Co.’s Sophistry 06 clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG =  1.072  FG = 1.015IBU = 27*  SRM = 5  ABV = 7.5% * Beers heavily dry hopped can differ greatly from the calculated IBU levels that a beer calculator may provide. While our calculator says that this beer will contain 27 IBUs, when measured

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s Hallertau Haze clone

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Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s Hallertau Haze clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.050  FG = 1.011IBU = 25  SRM = 5  ABV = 5.2% A departure for a brewery known for its lagers, this groundbreaking hazy IPA, designed for Urban Chestnut’s tenth anniversary, uses the best of Old World brewing tradition and modern craft innovation, and is

New Realm Brewing Co.’s Radegast Triple IPA clone

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New Realm Brewing Co.’s Radegast Triple IPA clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.098  FG = 1.009IBU = 100+  SRM = 5  ABV = 11.5% Named after the Czech god of hospitality, Mitch Steele’s Radegast IPA was first created with friends at Refuge Brewing in Temecula, California before becoming the annual anniversary beer at his brewery, New

Asheville Pizza & Brewing’s Norwegian Forest Cat clone

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An eccentric beast of a beer that was a one-off brew that was crafted by Asheville Pizza and Brewing and features a kveik strain of yeast and aging in Sauvignon Blanc barrels.

Low-Cal Rye Brut IPA

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Rye Brut IPA (5 gallon/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.039   FG =1.005IBU = 20  SRM = 4  ABV = 4.5% This is out attempt to brew a beer full of flavor but low in calories Ingredients7.4 lbs. (3.4 kg) pale malt1.25 lbs. (0.57 kg) rye malt6.75 AAU Columbus hops (15 min.) (0.5 oz./14 g at 13.5%

Sapwood Cellars’ Nu Zulund clone

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Sapwood Cellars’ Nu Zulund clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.055  FG = 1.007IBU = 0  SRM = 3.5  ABV = 6.3% Sapwood Cellars’ one and only kettle sour was a sour IPA showing off Wai-iti and Waimea hops from New Zealand. The result was fruitier than some of our fruited sours, with big lime and

Two Roads Brewing Company’s Route of All Evil clone

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(5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.072 FG = 1.012 IBU = 30 SRM = 37 ABV = 7.9% Ingredients11 lbs. (5 kg) 2-row pale ale malt0.75 lb. (0.34 kg) dark Munich malt0.75 lb. (0.34 kg) crystal malt (65 °L)0.75 lb. (0.34 kg) black malt0.38 lb. (0.17 kg) crystal malt (25 °L)0.38 lb. (0.17 kg)

Newburgh Brewing Co.’s BrutBoss clone


Newburgh Brewing Co.’s BrutBoss clone (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG* = 1.046  FG = 1.000ABV = 5.5%  IBU = ~30  SRM* = 3 Both the original gravity and SRM are numbers provided pre-grape addition.

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