Ask Mr. Wizard

Knowing Your Original Gravity


Bob Anzalone — Mystic, Connecticut asks,

I am a little bit obsessed with hitting targets, aka precision; some may call me a little anal retentive. Once I have something to aim towards, I want to hit the bullseye every time. One target, other than a flagstick on a golf green, that is frustratingly hard for me to hit is starting wort gravity. I’m an all-grain brewer of about 5 years and sometimes I can be within a point or three off, other times I can find my wort 10 points off from where I want to be. Can you suggest some things that may help me out?

This is a tough one. I had to put my thinking cap on before sitting down to write this response out. I need to get one thing clarified before I jump into
Response by Ashton Lewis.