Ask Mr. Wizard

Reduced Mash Times


Bob Haisen • Dearborn, Michigan asks,

In the March-April 2007 BYO, you described a mash technique while discussing the differences between commercial and homebrewers. You wrote of pub brewers who mash in and “take a short breather” and begin wort collection. I got the gist of it and tried it out on a recent batch. My short breather was 20 minutes before I did a recirculation and runoff. Yield was the same as when I previously rested my mash for 90 minutes. I definitely cut 70 minutes off my brew day just guessing at how to do this technique. Is it possible to get a full description as well as clarification of a “short breather”?

There are some brewing topics I address because I have been asked, and some subjects I opine about whether asked to or not. And there are some things I tend to avoid.
Response by Ashton Lewis.