Date: May-June 2020

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Root Down Brewing Co.

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So how you gonna kick it? The Replicator goes “old-school” with a gold medal-winning IPA from Root Down Brewing Co. They kick it from the root when they break it on down.

Dry Hop Like A Pro

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If dry hopping is still new on your radar, get some pointers on doing it right.

Brewing NEIPA – Tips from the Pros


The current darling of the craft beer (and homebrew) world, New England IPA (NEIPA) requires copious amounts of late hop additions, but there is a lot more to making a world class

The Impact of Fermentation on Aroma


In the “Mail” of the December 2019 issue of BYO, the question was asked “Does fermentation really strip hop volatiles?” This question piqued my interest as a homebrewer and analytical chemist.  The

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