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Understanding Specific Gravity vs. Plato

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The simple hydrometer can tell us the gravity of our wort, and therefore the amount of extract we have recovered from our ingredients, and can even be used to tell us what extract we can expect from different malts. The hydrometer can also tell us how much extract the yeast has used during fermentation, and

Brewing Strong Ales

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If you ask 10 different brewers to define “strong ale,” you will likely get 11 different answers. Brewers around the world have always made bigger, stronger ales for special occasions, for blending with weaker ales or to be aged before consumption. As craft brewers have begun pushing the limits of what can be brewed and

Hitting Target Original Gravity and Volume


Learn the tips and techniques to nail your target volume and original specific gravity every time you brew a batch of homebrew.



Take your brewing light years ahead. In our guide to refractometers, we’ll show you how to measure your wort’s gravity based on how it bends light.

Taking original gravity readings

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This question brings up some issues that I have experienced over the years and I have been somewhat surprised by my observations. I usually collect a wort sample from a sample valve placed in-line between the wort cooler and the fermenter. I do this because I want to know my wort density prior to pitching,

Plotting OG with a Graph

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How to calculate specific gravity with a handy graph.

Getting the Most From Your Hydrometer

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Nine times out of ten, a hydrometer can tell you what’s going on with your beer.

Taking Control of Specific Gravity

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Specific gravity affects many aspects of your homebrew, including its alcohol content, sweetness, and mouthfeel. Keep track of a few numbers while brewing to make the best beer possible.

Hit Your Target Gravity


When your neighborhood pub stops serving your favorite English bitter, what can you do? Make your own, of course. Homebrewers thrive on the challenge of recreating the round malts and bracing hops

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