Writer: Douglas Fuchs

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Grain Expectations


Brewers always seem to get a bright gleam in their eyes when designing a new beer recipe. Poring over available specialty malts and beer profiles, brewers drool with anticipation at the thought

Lagering without a Refrigerator


The possibilities for upgrading a homebrewing setup are endless. With enough cash you can purchase a pilot brewery equipped with a stainless steel mash tun and rakes to turn the mash, a

Hows and Whys of the Wort Chiller


When a bottle of homebrew fills a glass, the first impression of a well-carbonated, brilliantly clear beer fixes a warm smile upon the homebrewer’s face. Homebrewers constantly struggle to assure that the

Hit Your Target Gravity


When your neighborhood pub stops serving your favorite English bitter, what can you do? Make your own, of course. Homebrewers thrive on the challenge of recreating the round malts and bracing hops

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