Writer: Forrest Whitesides

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Build Your Own Stir Plate


A stir plate will keep your yeast in suspension while you are raising them in your yeast starter . . . and we’ve got instructions on how to make two different stir plates, one from old computer parts you may have lying around.

Make Your Plastic Bucket Fantastic


Leaky lids or shards from shattered glass? That’s not how we roll. Check out how we pimp a bucket to be a fizzabulous fermanizzle . . . uh, or something.

From Brew Pot to Brew Kettle: Projects


Use a step drill to convert your plain brew pot into a brew kettle with a built in spigot and thermometer. We’ll take you step-by-step through this driller thriller.

Build Your Own Water Filter: Projects


Why spend a dollar a gallon for bottled water?

Build a Flow-Through Thermometer: Projects


Want to know the temperature of the water exiting your counterflow chiller? Get in line — an in-line thermometer that is.

Build a Continuous Sparging System: Projects


With one trip to the hardware store and a short build session, you can have your own homemade sparging system. We’ll go step-by-step through the parts and procedures to make this useful piece of all-grain equipment.

Build a Mash/Lauter Vessel: Projects


Looking to try all-grain brewing, but worrying about the cost of new equipment? Learn how to build an inexpensive mash/lauter vessel.

Build a Burton Union System: Projects


Our homebrew interpretation of a Burton Union system can be used for harvesting yeast or reclaiming beer that would have been lost out the blow-off tube. Save the beer for your glass, not your floor.

32 result(s) found.