Writer: Johnathan Wilson & Brian Wolf

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Cutting Calories, Not Flavor


“Light” or “low-calorie” beers make up a huge segment of beer sales for macrobreweries, which leads some to believe a beer needs to be bland in flavor in order to be low in calories. However, there are techniques and ingredients that can be used to cut calories in any beer style for those who want to enjoy a tasty homebrew while also watching their calorie-intake.

Low-Cal Rye Brut IPA


Rye Brut IPA (5 gallon/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.039   FG =1.005IBU = 20  SRM = 4  ABV = 4.5% This is out attempt to brew a beer full of flavor but

A Walk on the Wild Side


Years ago, while I was serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, I loved ending my day with a drink or two of whatever local beverage that might

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