Writer: Mark Garetz

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Hop to Style!


Cascade works well with a West Coast Pale Ale. Fuggle should finish an English bitter. Galena or Cluster go great with porter. Here’s a straightforward guide to picking the right hops for your favorite style of beer.

Grain on the Brain


From two-row to pale ale and pils, a guide to five common base malts – how to use them and how to brew great beer with them. Plus: easy all-grain recipes for evaluating base malts, a quick guide to barley strains, and tips on swapping malt extract for grains.

Getting the Most From Your Hydrometer


Nine times out of ten, a hydrometer can tell you what’s going on with your beer.

Make the Most of Your Hop Back


 Get your hop-back on!

Dry Hopping for Great Aroma


If you want your beer’s hop nose to knock your socks off, maybe it’s time to try dry hopping. Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to beer at some point

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