Writer: Nicholas McCoy & Father Jefferey Poirot

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Belgian Dark Strong Ale (2017 NHC Gold)


Belgian Dark Strong Ale 13.5 gallons/51 L, all-grainOG = 1.098 FG = 1.028IBU = 24.5 SRM = 28 ABV = 9.4 This is the gold medal recipe in the Strong Belgian &

Black IPA (NHC 2017 Gold)


Black IPA 13.5 gallons/51 L, all-grainOG = 1.080 FG = 1.016IBU = 79 SRM = 41 ABV = 8.4 This is the gold medal recipe in the Specialty IPA category from the

Ninkasi Dreams


What a wild ride! The days since winning the Ninkasi — the award for most points in the final round of the National Homebrew Competition — have been an absolute whirlwind. Winning



Similar to Trappist single, Tafelbier is a low-gravity session style beer with a nice Belgian character in the background that is a great beer to drink on brew days when you need to keep your wits about you but would also like to have a few beers. It also has a quick turnaround, so it’s perfect for brewing when you need a beer for a fast-approaching event.

Belgian Dubbel


We decided on a simple grain bill for our dubbel to allow the yeast to express that Belgian character of fruity esters and some spicy phenols in the aroma that so many of us enjoy when we first take a sip of a well-made dubbel.

Belgian Tripel


This tripel has a standard grain bill and a process like our Belgian dubbel with one twist —the addition of Weyermann Abbey malt. The Abbey malt gives the finished Tripel more malt character that the best commercial examples in Belgium all have.

Belgian Quad


We keep the IBUs on the low side for this beer in relation to the style because we like the hops to take a backseat to the rich malt and yeast characters in this beer. The more this beer attenuates and dries out the more the hop flavor will come through in the final flavor.

7 result(s) found.