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Cooling Hot Wort Science

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The why and how of cooling hot wort.

Wort Boiling Science


What really happens in the brewpot?

Hop Chemistry Science

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Understanding alpha acids, beta acids and beyond.

Crystal Malt: Homebrew Science

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The science behind crystal malt’s properties.

Base Malt Basics

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Base malt basics: How to choose your main grain.

Understanding Enzymes


Many homebrewers find this question confusing, which is hardly surprising, since many commercial brewers don’t appear to truly understand it either! It is important to think of the mash as two distinct

Improve Your Cask Conditioned Beer

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Farmers in England can still be persuaded to make the extra effort to grow top-quality barley for brewing. British farmers work from a list of approved barley varieties, and these varieties command a premium price over feed varieties. Barley varieties with exotic-sounding names such as Maris Otter, Halcyon, Pipkin and, in Scotland, Golden Promise are

Brewing Like the British

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Let’s face it. Brewers in England brew at home for very different reasons than brewers in the United States. In the United Kingdom take-home beer is very expensive, and people brew at home so that they can save money. In this country take-home beer is very cheap, so brewers are brewing at home to improve

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