Beer Style: American Light Ale

Includes American blonde, cream, golden, wheat and rye ales

Legend Brewing Co.’s Utebier clone

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“The term Utepils translates from Norwegian loosely into ‘the beer you enjoy outside on the first warm day of springtime’. We obviously brewed an ale, not a Pilsner, but wanted the beer to mimic the refreshing quality while still being full-flavored.” – John Wampler; Brewmaster at Legend Brewing Co.

Aurora (Not So) Blonde Ale

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One evening after a scrumptious lemon-rosemary chicken meal prepared by my wife, Raven, we got to talking about what kind of beer would go with lemon and rosemary and this recipe was the result. The original version of this recipe appeared in the JAN/FEB 2006 issue of Brew Your Own.

Sasquatch Brewing Company’s OSA (Oregon Session Ale) clone

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Willamette hops with flaked grains provide a nice, crushable session ale, able to quench the thirst of even a Sasquatch.

Sasquatch Brewing Company: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, Last fall I made a trip up to that great beer city, Portland, Oregon, to visit a good friend. He took me to the southwest part of town to Sasquatch Brewing. They had only been brewing for a few months but all of their beers were excellent. by far my favorite was the

Are You Teff Enough? Cream Ale

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The subtle flavor of teff is quite nice in a cream ale, and you may choose to actually throw teff in the oven (spread evenly in a shallow pan, baked at 300 °F/148 °C for 15–30 minutes) to bring out a more nutty flavor and some color as well.

P. Ballantine & Sons Brewing Company: Ballantine XXX clone

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Ballantine was founded in New Jersey in 1840, making it one of the oldest brands of beer in the United States, and was at one time the third largest brewery in the country. In 2014 the brand was bought by Pabst Brewing Company, but this clone recipe is for the original Ballantine XXX, long the brewery’s most popular beer.

Indeed Brewing Company: Shenanigans Summer Ale clone

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Indeed Brewing has been churning tasty brews out of their production facility in Northeast Minneapolis since 2012. With its bold citrus notes, low ABV, and quaffable body, Shenanigans Summer Ale is a fitting ode to the warmest season of all.

Bozeman Brewing Company: Bozone Hefeweizen clone

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2010 North American Beer Awards bronze medal winner is an American version of a German classic wheat beer. Bozeman uses Montana-grown malted pale barley, but if you can’t source that, any 2-row should work.

Laht Neppur Brewing Co.’s American Hefeweizen clone


An American-styled hefeweizen, brewed by a brewery based in Waitsburg, Washington, just outside of Walla, Walla.

Sea Dog Brewing Company: Blue Paw Wheat Ale clone

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The Silver medal winner in the 2007 World Beer Championships, this wheat beer benefits from the added aroma and subtle fruit flavor of blueberries.

North Coast Brewing Co.’s Blue Star Wheat Beer clone

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One of North Coast’s brewery’s summer lawnmower beers. With just enough hop presence and nice body thanks to a healthy heap of wheat malt.

Magic Hat Brewing’s Hocus Pocus clone

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Justin McCarthy, Lead Brewer, Magic Hat Brewing Company: “When I think of summer and beer, I think of beers that will quench my thirst and appease my palate at the same time.”

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