Date: October 2009

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Weeping Radish Farm Brewery: Black Radish clone

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This schwarzbier has the characteristic clean lager feel and features a mild hop bitterness with complementary roasted malt notes.

Archers Golden Bitter clone


Archers Golden is a superb ale that has won a number of awards. Sadly, at the time of writing, Archers is under administration so the future of their Swindon brewery is in some doubt. We can only hope that a buyer is found for the brewery so that brewing of their fine ales may continue.

Merriman Old Fart clone

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Sadly, Merriman’s Brewery in Leeds is apparently no longer brewing. The information that I have for this beer is: OG: 1.050. Malt bill: Halcyon pale malt, crystal malt, wheat malt, pale chocolate malt, roast barley. Hops: Liberty, Progress. IBU: 32. When one has no information about malt bill proportions, the only option is to guess. However, we are aware of the usual style guideline ranges for using specialty grains, so we can use these as a starting point.

Oakhill Brewery’s Yeoman Strong Ale clone

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The Oakhill Brewery in Somerset closed down when the owner retired. This beer has obviously been renamed during its history and the information that I have for it is: OG: 1.049–1.050. Malt bill: 91.5% Triumph or Halcyon pale malt, 8.5% crystal malt. Hops: Bramling Cross, Challenger, Fuggles, Goldings. In this case, we have malt bill proportions, but no IBU, so again we have to guess. However, style guidelines are a good guide to expected ballpark IBU.

English Bitter

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Using good quality UK malts and hops really makes a difference with this beer. Yeast choice can affect the flavor of the beer considerably – experiment with available English Ale strains to find one you like.  Drink this beer while it is young and fresh.
— recipe author Scott Simpson

Maple Ave Breakfast Stout

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Sorry, no syrup here, but it’s still a mighty tasty beer anytime of day!

Hops for lambics

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The Wiz answers a question about brewing lambics at home.

Send in the Clones: Replicating Your Favorite Craft Beers

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Clone recipes abound. But what if you can’t find a recipe for your favorite brew? We’ll explain how to formulate clones from the available information.

Open Fermentations

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The Wizard weighs in on open fermentation at home.

Pumped Up Toolbox: Projects

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In which we describe the much-awaited union of a brewing pump and a toolbox —  a portable pump project of prodigious proportions.

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