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Understanding the Color of Beer

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We use a wide variety of words to talk about beer color — words such as white, pale, straw, blonde, beige, golden, yellow, honey-like, latte, orange, bronze, brown, mocha, caramel, chocolate, black, and many more. Yet even this list is inadequate to describe traditional beer styles. Beyond that we also have fruit beers, cloudy beers,

Making Dark Versions of Pale Beers

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A recent trend over the past few years in craft and homebrewing is making dark or black versions of pale colored beers; the first, and still most popular, being IPA. Recently I decided that it was about time for me to jump on the bandwagon before the wave completely passed me by. Taking my queues

The Dark Side of Partial Mashing

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Partial mashing combines much of the flexibility of all-grain brewing with the convenience of brewing on your stovetop. But, there’s a dark side. Find out the problem of – and the solution to – low pH values in dark partial mashes. Plus: Seven roasty recipes to light the way.

Color Tips for Extract Beers: Tips from the Pros

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Extract brewing might sound simple, but it still provides plenty of room to customize your beer. Color, for example, is one target that extract brewers can work to fine tune. Here, two professional brewers who use extract offer their thoughts on getting the color you want from your extract homebrews.

Raise the Colors!

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From the lightest Pilsners to the darkest stouts, beer shows a spectrum of colors. Find out how to calculate beer color and formulate your recipes with the right combination of specialty grains for just the right shade in your glass.

Go For the Gold with Pale Beers

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Doing well with any homebrew in competition means brewing a beer that meets a select and widely recognized set of criteria in terms of appearance, aroma, flavor, and character.

Control Beer Color: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Keith Wayne Brewery:  Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co., Stateline, Nev. Years of experience:  41/2 years Education:  BS in fermentation science and completion of Master Brewer’s Program, University of California, Davis; Member of Institute of Brewing, London House Beers: Sand Harbor Honey Blond, Freel Peak Wheat, Cave Rock Pale Ale, Snowflower Red, Mt. Tallac Oatmeal Stout

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