Writer: Byron Burch

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Black Passion Porter


Porters are easy beers to make, partly because the style is subject to widely variant interpretations. Much might depend, for example, on whether you plan to brew an 18th century porter or a contempory version. A porter from the 1750s, for instance, might be called an “Imperial Stout” these days. Porters are slightly less full-bodied than stouts (when brewed by the same brewer) but they are still very full-flavored brews. Small variations may not be easily noticed, so it’s a forgiving style.
– Byron Burch, The Beverage People — Santa Rosa, California

“Veruyu” California Red Ale


This is a finely balanced, reddish brew with a hint of California-style aromatics.

T&R Theakston Brewery: Old Peculier clone


The beer that made Masham, England, famous, Old Peculier is rich, dark and smooth tasting, with a character all of its own. Glorious, rich, full of flavor, but hard to come by.

Make Wine at Home


I’m not really much of a gambling man (unless you count owning a small business). If I were a gambler, though, I’d have a sucker bet to offer anyone foolish enough to

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