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Easy Tesgüino


This recipe is easy to reproduce in a modern homebrewery. In the recipe for easy tesgüino, the fermentable sugars are derived from sugar rather than corn.



The Sacred Corn Beer of the Sierra Madre

Mexican Pulque


Readers should keep in mind that it is difficult to replicate true pulque using only the ingredients in a home brewer’s pharmacopeia. It is common for pulque brewers in Mexico to reproduce their own strains of yeast, using a starter of fermented pulque (known as the “semilla”, or seed) to ferment a fresh batch of agave nectar. These yeast strains, like many tricks of the trade, are closely guarded secrets amongst pulqueros — indeed, some of these strains of yeast may be as old as the Aztec Empire itself.

Pulque: A Mexican Indigenous Brew


Sure, Mexico is the home to many lagers served in clear bottles with a lime wedged in their necks. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that it is also the land of many indigenous brews, including pulque.

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