Writer: Matt Cole

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Sticke Alt

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Sticke alt is generally interpreted as to mean ‘secret alt’, a seasonal brew from Dusseldorf which was brewed to be stronger than the typical altbier in alchohol and flavors. Here is Matt Cole’s (formerly at Sly Fox Brewing, and now at Fat Heads Brewing) recipe for those looking to brew one.

Sly Fox Brewing Co.’s Altbier clone

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According to Sly Fox Brewing Co.’s website, “A smooth, medium bodied German-style ale. A specialty of the city of Düsseldorf, with a perfect blend and balance of four German malts and three noble hop varieties.”

The Beers of Franconia, Germany

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Nestled in northern Bavaria, this  region of Germany is home to a startling diversity of beer styles.

Old-World Alt

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An American brewer flies to Germany to learn how to brew altbier, the traditional top-fermented ale that made Dusseldorf famous. He talked to brewers, tasted his share of alt and came home with the inside dope on malt, hops, yeast strains and fermentation, plus an authentic recipe straight from a brewer’s mouth.

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