Beer Style: European Pale Lager

Includes an array of styles including Munich helles, pale kellerbiers, pale lagers, Mexican lagers, and premium lagers.

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Czech Pale Lager


The Czech pale lager is the newest style to be added to the Beer Judge Certification Program and is perfect for homebrewers.

Cinco de Mayo Cerveza


Recipe courtesy of Leener’s Brew Works – Northfield, Ohio

Bill Ballinger’s Munich Helles


A Munich Helles recipes that scored a 46 out of 50 at the Indiana Brewers Cup among 1,071 entries.

Kohl’s Pale Kellerbier


More hop presence than a Munich Helles and most often served relatively young and unfiltered in comparison to Pilsner, a Kellerbier can come in a Pale or Amber version. This version falls in the Pale variety. This recipe is a little stronger than a traditional Kellerbier, but the hops will provide a bright balance to the malt and alcohol.

Birch Sap Lager


"This recipe is from the Specialty/-Experimental/Historical category of the GNBC recipe book and is of local interest."
– Jay Levell

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.’s Summer Pils clone


Saint Arnold Summer Pils is a Munich-style Helles with a delicate, sweet malt taste complemented by an abundant hop aroma and flavor.

Snake River Brewing Co.’s See You In Helles clone


Helles is the German word for light-colored and perfectly describes this lager beer which is full bodied and lightly hopped.

Grande Mexican Lager


“Grande” was designed by Randy Guerrero, an employee of William’s Brewing in San Leandro, California to accompany the setting summer sun. An imperialized Mexican lager.

Bohemian Pilsener


A light-colored lager with the aroma of Saaz hops – the watchword for Bohemian Pilsener is balance.

Dortmunder (German Export)


A pale lager named after the city it originated in.

283 Kilometers (European Pale Lager)


Named for the distance between Plzen (Pilsen), Czechoslovakia and Wien (Vienna), Austria, 283 Kilometers is a crisp, clean, well-balanced beer with a firm malt presence from Vienna malt.  Recipe from Chris Colby.

International Lagers


They’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere — those ubiquitous light lagers like Heineken, Grolsch and Becks in their green bottles. Learn how to brew one at home (and learn a few new techniques — including cereal mashing and high-gravity brewing — while you’re at it). Plus: the skunk factor.

39 result(s) found.