Beer Style: Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales

Includes both saison and bière de garde recipes.

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Gettin’ Down Wit a Kiss O’ Hops (Wheat Beer)


A low-ABV farmhouse beer style beer, meant for consumption after a long, hot day toiling in the fields. The turbid mash and unmalted grains help provide grainy character while the yeast is the main driver. Adding some a mild Brett yeast can be a fun twist. Brewers can substitute in flaked grains if berries are hard to come by.

Amber Waves of Wheat (Wheat Beer)

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If you’re looking for an experimental brewing technique, turbid mashing is a fun one to experiment with. This recipe provides outlines to brew up a low-ABV, Belgian-inspired, turbid-mashed beer. Get your stuykmanden ready!



From old Belgian farmhouses to new North American breweries, brewers everywhere are rediscovering the charms of this hoppy, spicy beer for all seasons, Plus: two great saison recipes.

Biére de Garde

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A style all its own, really, Biére de Garde’s closest related beer would be Saisons. But Biére de Garde’s often will lack the spicy yeast character of Saisons, providing a more malt-forward style that can often be sweeter that Saisons. Find a classic recipe here.

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